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Haldex, Wabash National agree to continue partnership

Haldex, which manufactures air brake systems for trucks, trailers and buses, says it will continue supplying standard brake adjusters and actuators for Wabash National’s trailer brands after the two companies recently reached a new long-term agreement.

The extension, which runs through 2021, includes Wabash, Transcraft, Benson, Brenner, Beall, Walker and Bulk branded trailers.

“Haldex has had a long-term relationship with Wabash, being standard position for the Haldex Self Adjusting Automatic Brake Adjuster and GoldSeal Actuator, since 2009, and we continue to grow that relationship,” said Walter Frankiewicz, senior vice president of North America sales for Haldex.

“As a leading supplier of ABAs and actuators in North America, we continue to strive to be best in class and quality and offer superior customer service to our customers.”

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