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Few drivers rate fleet benefits 'above average'

Open Road Drivers Plan, a legal program serving thousands of over-the-road drivers across the United States and Canada, conducted a survey earlier this year to determine the key benefits that influence a driver’s loyalty to his/her carrier.

According to the survey, less than 10% of drivers rate their current fleet benefits, including compensation and incentives, equipment and technology, employee-company communications, and job stability, as “above average.” The paper also evaluates the importance drivers place on elements of each benefit category. Compensation and incentives, for example, is further broken down into pay rate, bonuses, driver and safety recognition programs, time at home, insurance benefits, vacation time, and career development.

The paper summarizes research findings and recommendations on how fleets can improve driver loyalty in areas drivers rated of highest importance. Recommendations were developed through interviews with carriers that surveyed drivers noted as providing “above-average” driver benefits. The complete paper, Why Drivers Stay with Fleets, may be downloaded for free.

Multi Service established Open Road Drivers Plan, a legal referral service for professional drivers, as a safety and retention tool for fleet owners. Since 1989, professional truck drivers have been using this service to gain local, licensed legal services for their traffic citations. Open Road Drivers Plan works in accordance with fleets to improve safety initiatives and driver appreciation throughout the trucking industry.

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