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Electronic data setfor FMCSA reviews

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is putting carriers on notice that it will now use technology data and electronically produced records during reviews and for regulatory enforcement purposes, according to information published in the Federal Register November 19.

In 1997, FMCSA issued a policy memorandum which limited the use of advanced technology during investigations because it said it wanted to offer carriers the opportunity to integrate the technology in their operations and overall safety management systems.

"After more than a decade since the agency established its policy, the use of advanced technology has become widely accepted and an integral component of the industry's logistics and operations management systems," FMCSA said in its notice of policy change. "The agency's policy achieved its purpose; the once emerging technologies are today a common and essential component of the industry's logistics, operations and safety management systems to achieve the safe and efficient transportation of passengers and freight. Therefore, with this notice, the FMCSA rescinds the 1997 policy."

To see the notice, click here.

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