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Dust cap designed for one-handed operation

Civacon has added the new 875 API dust cap, whose rugged, corrosion-resistant attributes have been designed to withstand punishment. The 875 API dust cap has been engineered to provide a liquid-tight seal as a secondary sealing device to reduce avoidable product loss. The radial cam action also allows for single-handed operation, both on and off.

These lightweight caps — die-cast aluminum construction with a durable black coating — protect and extend the life of the poppet face of the API head and will retain their shape when dropped or mishandled. Standard cam arms use an off-center lobe to wedge the cam down onto the API head, which may result in premature wear to the nose of the API head. The 875 API dust cap's patented radial cam action is a more precise mechanical action that reduces wear on the API head.

The 875 API dust cap meets API RP 1004 specifications, is lockable with a pre-cast hole in the cap that provides for a security seal tab, has a durable Nitrile gasket that ensures a pressure-rated positive seal, and is tethered with a standard jacketed stainless steel cable.

Weighing 2.5 pounds, this dust cap has a height of 8-5/8" when closed, a height of 12¼" when open, and a 7-1/8" width. E-mail [email protected] for more information.

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