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CTA stressing weight issues for enviroTruck initiative

The Canadian Trucking Alliance is stressing the importance for all Canadian provincial governments to act swiftly on regulations that would allow weight and length considerations for key components of CTA’s enviroTruck initiative.

The enviroTruck initiative is designed to accelerate the penetration of new smog-free heavy truck engines and greenhouse gas fighting/fuel efficiency technologies and devices in the Canadian trucking industry.

CTA is asking for a 1,000-pound exemption from gross vehicle weights for auxiliary power units and new engine technology; that wide based tires be permitted at 9,000 kilograms (19,841 pounds) per axle Ontario east and 8,500 kilograms (18,739 pounds) Manitoba west to allow parity with duals on drive axles; give carriers the ability to incorporate more fuel efficient boat tails on their trailer fleets without dimension penalties; see that additional weight exemptions are explored for trailer skirts and other aerodynamic option; and that length and weight considerations be given for moose bumpers.

More information about the enviroTruck initiative is posted on the CTA Web site at

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