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Compressor units offer transfer flexibility

Blackmer has made available portable liquid transfer and vapor recovery compressor units for remote or unique LP Gas railcar unloading applications. These portable compressor units are skid-mounted and designed for easy transportation in a pickup truck or via a small trailer to the destination. The portable units employ Blackmer's LB Series reciprocating gas compressors — Model numbers LB161, LB361, and LB601 — and can be built to specific LP Gas unloading requirements.

Blackmer's portable liquid transfer and vapor recovery units are constructed with a variety of engine drive styles and options. The unit is designed with the traditional “LU” mounting style, which includes the compressor, liquid trap, strainer, four-way valve, and related piping. A diesel, natural gas, gasoline, or propane-powered engine is also included on the unit to drive the compressor. The engines have the option of including an electric start, hand crack or rope “pull” start. These portable units are also available with Blackmer's Heavy Duty (HD) compressors.

LB Series compressors are available with transfer rates of 35 to 700 US gpm (132-2,630 lpm) and designed to handle transfer and recovery of liquefied gases like propane, butane, and anhydrous ammonia. All models feature ductile iron pressure parts for greater resistance to both thermal and mechanical shock. E-mail Ron Crouch at [email protected] for more information.

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