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Clean Energy opens Ohio LNG fueling station for Dillon Transport

DILLON Transport's natural-gas-fueled fleet operation got a boost when Clean Energy opened a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling station in Seville OH. Built, owned, and operated by Clean Energy, the publicly accessible station is located at the Pilot Flying J Travel Center in Seville.

The new Ohio LNG fueling station will support Dillon Transport trucks that deliver bulk raw materials to Owens Corning industrial production plants in the area. Owens Corning is a leading global producer of residential and commercial building materials. Dillon Transport's temperature-sensitive tanker truck fleets operate throughout the United States and Canada, with contract services concentrated east of the Rocky Mountains.

“Dillon Transport is proud to be a part of the partnership between Owens Corning and Clean Energy that has created the LNG station in Seville,” says Jeff Dillon, president of Dillon Transport. “This station is on the leading edge of the natural gas highway that Clean Energy is developing across the United States over the next two years. We believe natural gas will be a mainstream alternative to diesel for Class 8 truck fuel, because natural gas is a cleaner, less expensive, domestic and abundant solution to the energy crisis we face every day as Americans. Our goal is to continue to field natural gas vehicles in support of our strategic partners' initiatives of environmental stewardship and cost reduction.”

James Harger, chief marketing officer for Clean Energy, says: “The opening of this new Clean Energy LNG truck fueling station, the first in the industrial heartland of America, is a major step toward realizing our program to create a national LNG fueling infrastructure that will extend along major truck routes nationwide. Our efforts to create America's Natural Gas Highway are in direct response to the increasing demand for natural gas fuel as major trucking companies secure and deploy LNG-powered trucks. We commend Dillon Transport, Owens Corning and Clean Fuels Ohio for their leadership role in this rapidly growing movement.”

A grant to help fund the development of the Clean Energy LNG station was awarded to Clean Fuels Ohio by the US Department of Energy. ♦

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