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BTI introduces ultra-lightweight aeration butterfly valve

Bulk Tank Inc (BTI) has added an ultra-lightweight aeration valve to its expanding line of innovative products for the pneumatic tank trailer sector. The valve connects directly to the airline and weighs a fraction of conventional aeration valves.

According to BTI engineers, the new American-made valve offers the same flow characteristics as conventional ball valves and weighs only 1.5 pounds, about three pounds lighter than a conventional brass ball valve. The new Food and Drug Administration-compliant valve will come standard with a king nipple to female connection and an optional king nipple to king nipple configuration. Previously, aeration valves were threaded on both ends requiring two additional king nipples to install in the aeration hose; this increased labor, weight, and cost. A female to female configuration also is available.

“Our new aluminum Ultra-Lightweight Aeration Valve is corrosion resistant, competitively priced, easy to operate, and offers the same flow characteristics as a full port brass ball valve,” says Ron Calvird, sales manager at BTI. “It’s also half the weight and less than half the cost of our closest aeration butterfly valve competitor! And like everything BTI manufactures, it’s 100% American made. We’re pretty proud of that.”

BTI’s new Aeration Valve has a full two-inch opening and will be available first quarter of 2013. Patent Pending. For more information, please call 1-800-841-5524 (573-518-0600) or visit

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