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Atlantic Bulk Carrier honors three new million-mile drivers

Atlantic Bulk Carrier Corp, Providence Forge VA, has recognized three of its drivers who recently achieved 1 million miles of accident-free driving.

Walter “Chuck” Gentry, Stan Pinson, and Curtis Van Dyke each reached that milestone this year. To mark this achievement, they each received a gold ring specifically designed for Atlantic Bulk’s drivers.

“We are pleased and proud to recognize the latest drivers to reach this milestone in their careers,” said Gary W. Short, chief executive officer of Atlantic Bulk Carrier. “Safety is a hallmark of our operations. These three drivers, along with 31 before them, exemplify our commitment to providing the safest and most reliable service to our customers.”

Gentry, who was also named a driver of the month by the South Carolina Trucking Association, began working for Atlantic Bulk at its home terminal near Richmond VA before moving to Columbia SC. He primarily hauls plastic materials in regional operations.

Pinson handles hazardous materials liquid shipments out of the carrier’s Charleston SC terminal. He began working for Atlantic Bulk Carrier in 2003.

Van Dyke also handles hazardous liquids, operating in the Charlotte NC area. Van Dyke began working for Atlantic Bulk in Virginia before moving to North Carolina.

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