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Alter work schedules to ease pain at pump

Changes in employee work schedules can help ease the pain of high gasoline costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to a four-day week with 10-hour shifts or to a three- or four-day week with 12-hour shifts can reduce weekly gas costs by up to 30 percent.

Shift Schedules offers scheduling templates in Excel format for eight-, 10-, and 12-hour shifts for one, two, and three shifts a day and five, six, and seven days a week to help businesses find the exact schedule they need. The templates fit seamlessly into the Template Scheduling spreadsheets to create employee schedules for up to a year. Outputs include individual schedules, group schedules, and a file to import into the Microsoft Outlook Calendar, PDA, or Smart Phone.

Template packages include hundreds of schedules that provide the same number of people each day of the week for businesses with constant daily staffing requirements. For a situation where staffing levels vary throughout the day or from one day to the next, Shift Schedules will create a custom template to provide the exact staffing levels needed at all times.

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