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Accounting software benefits truck fleets

Melton Technologies has developed a new accounting module to integrate into their product suite of transportation and logistical systems. The Horizon Enterprise Accounting software is an advanced accounting system that gives fleets the ability to seamlessly manage all aspects of their accounting operations easily and in real-time.

With a design that replicates the standard Windows programs, the Horizon Enterprise Accounting system fully integrates into Melton's Horizon Billing software, an accounts receivable program. This lets users leverage the familiarity and power of the billing program within the Enterprise Accounting software, providing fleets with the capacity to create invoices and conduct payroll operations seamlessly.

The Horizon Enterprise Accounting software module uses multi-level, role-based security controls that protect the privacy of critical company, customer, and employee information. A built-in custom report writer lets users generate reports that can incorporate data from any Horizon module. E-mail Ron Hudnell at [email protected] for more information.

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