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ACC applauds EPA chemical characterizations

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is applauding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for completing and publishing the first set of High Production Volume (HPV) chemical hazard characterizations.

ACC said in a news release that under the HPV challenge program, the chemistry industry voluntarily provided EPA health and safety data on nearly 95 percent of US chemical production by volume.

"The EPA report is a definitive demonstration of industry and government’s transparent and successful collaboration," ACC said. "While these hazard characterizations are not an evaluation of the potential risks posed by the chemicals covered, they are a step forward toward risk characterization and constitute progress not only in the HPV Challenge Program, but also in the newly agreed-upon chemicals management initiative between the United States, Canada, and Mexico under the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) announced on August 21, 2007."

See other coverage on the EPA report in Bulk Transporter online.

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