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2009 Competitive Safety Contest - Safety Officials

▀ Over 100 Million Miles Class
GRAND Trimac Transportation Services Neil Voorhees, USA
Marcel Pouliot, Canada
HONOR Ruan Transport Corporation Matthew A Skembo
MERIT Kenan Advantage Group Becky J Perlaky
▀ 45-75 Million Miles Class
GRAND Liquid Transport Corp Mark Johnson
HONOR Flying J Transportation Michael Baldwin
MERIT Superior Carriers Inc Randy L Vaughn
▀ 30-45 Million Miles Class
GRAND Slay Transportation Co Inc Edward O Hanks
HONOR Bulkmatic Transport Co Terry McAdams
MERIT Schwerman Trucking Co Tim Yauck
▀ 22-30 Million Miles Class
GRAND Linden Bulk Transportation Co Inc Richard O'Leary
HONOR Service Transport Co Wayne Brewer
MERIT Penn Tank Lines John P Moyle Jr
▀ 13-22 Million Miles Class
GRAND Andrews Transport LP C Mark Bliss
HONOR Jack B Kelley Inc Lee Drury
MERIT Southern Tank Transport Inc Bob Bruns
▀ 10-13 Million Miles Class
GRAND Andrews Logistics Inc Griff Odgers
HONOR Wynne Transport Service Inc Alan Roberts
MERIT Kane Transport Inc Stephen Kaufmann
▀ 7-10 Million Miles Class
GRAND Sully Transport Inc Brent Vander Leest
HONOR G&D Trucking/Hoffman Transportation Mike Tallaksen
MERIT Grammer Industries Inc Paul Baute
▀ 5-7 Million Miles Class
GRAND RO Harrell Inc Curtis Waskey
HONOR B-H Transfer Co Tommy Cauthen
MERIT Commercial Transport Inc Dan Athmer
▀ 3-5 Million Miles Class
GRAND Schiber Truck Co Inc Robert M Schiber
HONOR North American Bulk Transport Inc Tim Yauck
MERIT MC Tank Transport Inc Chuck Cramer
▀ Less than 3 Million Miles Class
GRAND Bulk Carriers Inc Roger K Ites
GRAND EE-Jay Motor Transports Inc Paul Schmidt
GRAND J&S Transport Co Inc Richard Merryman
GRAND Regional Enterprises Inc James Cummings Jr
GRAND Southern Transportation LLC Bob Bruns
GRAND Vickery Transportation Inc Paul Baute
▀ International- Over 5 Million Miles Class
GRAND Northwest Tank Lines Inc Elton Smith
HONOR RST Industries Limited Doug Gatward
MERIT Harmac Transportation Inc Harv Roberts
▀ International- Less than 5 Million Miles Class
GRAND Cooney's Farm Services LTD Douglas Coonfer
GRAND Tank Carrier Services Inc Patrick Doran
MERIT Tandet Logistics Inc Dave Herdman
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