ZISTOS Tanker Inspection PR2018

Safely inspect rail, truck tanker interiors with Zistos improved video

The newly improved Zistos Tanker Inspection System (IAD-TIPZ40-B6) enables a thorough and safe visual inspection from outside the confined space.

The system uses a powerful, 40X optical zoom camera, which provides increased video detail of the interior. It allows inspectors to access hard to reach and/or hazardous areas to visually assess them for residual heel, contaminants, corrosion, as well as delamination and structural issues.

The system utilizes a self-illuminating, 40X zoom camera positioned on the end of a telescoping pole that can rotate 360 degrees. Images are viewed on a 5.6” LCD display with built-in DVR that can record video or still images for documentation.

Increase safety, while saving time and money with cameras and poles that are rugged and weatherproof. Inspection systems are modular and expandable, as needs arise.

For additional information, please access www.zistos.com/index.php/products/industrial

TAGS: Tank Repair
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