MES facility Milestone

Milestone’s newest oilfield waste facility serving the Delaware Basin

Milestone Environmental Services, an industry leader in oil and gas waste management, has opened its state-of-the-art facility to serve E&P customers in the northern Delaware Basin.

The location in northern Reeves County is five miles east of Orla TX on FM 652 in the heart of the northern Delaware Basin drilling activity in Texas and southern New Mexico. At this new site, Milestone will primarily accept drilling waste streams, including water-based mud and oil-based mud, along with some completion and production waste such as tank bottoms and water waste streams.

The facility started receiving shipments from customers in July and is operating 24/7. Milestone will host a grand opening event at the facility on August 7-9.

Milestone is committed to being a good neighbor, environmental steward and corporate citizen. The Orla facility is designed to minimize the impact on the environment and the community. The facility will minimize waste by reusing salt water, recovering oil, and capturing solids. By locating facilities near drilling activity, Milestone reduces truck trip times and traffic along the highways which benefits the community and saves customers time and money. The facility is situated on acreage to decrease noise, lights, and dust for neighbors.

“Our facilities are in close proximity to a great number of rigs, giving our customers the advantage of environmentally-responsible waste management nearby,” said Gabriel Rio, Milestone president and chief executive officer. “This facility was designed for quick turnaround times and easy access for trucks. Our customers are seeing a dramatic improvement in their efficiency and a reduction in transportation costs.”

At Milestone, employees have access to competitive wages, affordable comprehensive benefits, onsite housing, and the chance to build a career. The company hired 15 additional employees to run and support the facility, plus local sales personnel to support customers. In keeping with the company’s philosophy of promoting from within, Milestone also advanced several employees from within the company because of the growth expected.

Another new facility is under construction near Stanton TX and is expected to open in August, making it the fourth in the Permian Basin and the seventh location in Texas. For more information, please visit

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