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Milestone slurry facility Milestone
Milestone slurry facility

Milestone grows water disposal network, breaks ground on new slurry injection facility

Milestone Environmental Services, specialzing in oilfield waste disposal services, recently acquired an asset package containing three leases and four injection permits located in Howard County, Texas.

Additionally, Milestone broke ground on a new slurry injection facility near Big Spring TX. The new location will allow Milestone to better serve the increasing drilling activity in the northern Midland Basin, the company said.

The Howard County acquisition creates an additional 155,000 barrels per day of permitted injection capacity, with the ability to interconnect receiving points and injection wells as a single, integrated production waste management network in the northern Midland Basin. The move gives Milestone an opportunity to focus its advanced injection and development expertise on the production waste streams of the Permian, Milestone said.

“Water disposal infrastructure is a valuable and natural complement to our existing business, which builds on our deep injection experience, superior operating record, and blue chip customer base,” said Gabriel Rio, Milestone’s president and CEO.

The Big Spring slurry injection facility, where construction already is underway, is located about 8 miles north of Big Spring, on the east side of State Highway 87, near the intersection of FM 1584 in Howard County. The facility is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2019, Milestone said, and will accept drilling, completion and production waste streams, including oil-based and water-based muds, drilling fluids, flowback, tank bottoms, dirty water and produced water.

Milestone water disposal network

Like Milestone’s seven other slurry injection facilities, the Big Spring location also will provide full-service washouts for tank trailers and frac tanks.

Big Spring is the third new facility announced by Milestone this year. In March, the company received permitting for a new landfill in Orla, Reeves County, Texas, and started construction on the site in May. The Texas Railroad Commission awarded Milestone its second landfill permit in April, located 34 miles south of Midland in Upton County.

“The Permian Basin continues to out-produce the rest of the United States in drilling, and oil and gas production,” Rio said. “The increasing volume of activity demands efficient and effective resources to support the industry as it progresses.

“Milestone’s ongoing strategic expansion will support growing customer needs for disposal, as well as our goal to have a facility within an hour of every customer in the region.”

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