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Schneider Bulk launches electronic Driver Report Form

Company says investment in technology platform designed to enhance driver, customer experience

Schneider, a provider of truckload, intermodal and logistics services, recently launched an electronic Driver Report Form (eDRF) in its Bulk division.

The company said the new tool improves driver and customer experience by streamlining a previously tedious and time-consuming process for drivers and shippers in the liquid commodity bulk transportation segment.

The eDRF, which is required at most pick-ups and deliveries, includes many time-saving advantages over the previous paper report. Pre-populated fields at order creation improve the accuracy of the report, and the electronic version is available on the Schneider portal seconds after a driver submits the completed form from their tablet, the company said.

As a result, Schneider said its drivers no longer will have to spend valuable time traveling to a facility or truck stop to transmit paperwork, and can use those hours more efficiently to move customers’ freight.

“We are chartered to leverage technology to create the best driver experience possible,” said Mike Degeneffe, vice president of technology solution delivery at Schneider. “This is a preview of other upcoming driver paperwork processes that have been digitized since we began assigning tablets to drivers in 2018.

“Our continued investment in technology innovation is directed to eliminate non-driving administrative tasks to help drivers maximize their driving potential and improve their experience away from home.”

The company also recently began rolling out Samsung Galaxy tablet devices to its drivers in an effort to make their lives easier in and out of the truck.

Like the eDRF, Schneider said its tablets lay the foundation for future capabilities. As technology evolves, the company will be able to accommodate additions and changes to the suite of new system tools. In addition to accessing the eDRF, Schneider drivers already are enjoying other improvements since use of tablets have begun, including:

  • Track work
  • Get customer information
  • Complete training without a facility stop
  • Look up bonus info
  • Weather and road conditions
  • Turn-by-turn GPS directions
  • Read news, messages, videos and more

“We have upgraded the in-cab communication system and provided new capabilities outside of the truck for drivers,” said Mark Rourke, president and chief executive officer at Schneider. “We’ve listened and heard from drivers on how tablets are making their lives easier.

“Putting technology in the palm of a driver’s hand is one of many ways we’re enhancing their experience.”

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