Instructional Technologies adds ELD training

Instructional Technologies adds ELD training as mandate takes effect

Instructional Technologies Inc (ITI), provider of training solutions for the transportation industry including PRO-TREAD online training content and the Sentix training automation platform, rolled out its new Introduction to Electronic Logging Devices course. The course covers the basics of ELDs for drivers, and allows carriers to customize the training to meet company-specific needs.

“Understanding the basics of using ELDs is important for all drivers,” said Nathan Stahlman, chief operating officer at ITI.  “Our new Introduction to Electronic Logging Devices course helps ease the stress of using this new technology, saving drivers time and reducing frustration. Carriers can also use the course to be assured that their operations will be in compliance with the ELD mandate.”

Introduction to Electronic Logging Devices provides drivers with information on:

• Logging in an out of an ELD

• Different duty statuses

• ELD responsibilities

• Reasons for keeping an electronic log

By using ITI’s Sentix platform for managing training, carriers can host ELD supplier training videos as PRO-TREAD courses, and can add quizzes and sections about standard company operating procedures to the Electronic Logging Devices course.

In addition to its new Electronic Logging Devices course, ITI also offers two HOS training programs on Hours of Service and Hours of Service - Sleeper Berth regulations. All courses are updated as new rules and regulations go into effect.

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