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ITI adds lesson on FMCSA's impending Clearinghouse rules

Sept. 6, 2019
Instructional Technologies recently released a new Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse lesson.

Instructional Technologies (ITI), providers of training solutions for the transportation industry, recently released a new Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse lesson.

The company said the latest addition to its PRO-TREAD library of training courses presents critical information about the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) clearinghouse regulations, which go into effect Jan 6, 2020. 

“This new Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse lesson provides essential, need-to-know information,” said Laura McMillan, vice president of training development for ITI. “Progressive fleets see that the clearinghouse will have a big impact on their HR operations, and they need to provide factual information for drivers and managers.

“This course will help fleets implement the new regulation. We expect most fleets to use the course as a part of their on-boarding process for new hires.”

Under the final rule, the following groups must notify drivers that they will report information to the clearinghouse. 

  • FMCSA-regulated employers
  • Medical review officers (MROs)
  • Designated DOT-qualified substance abuse professionals (SAPs)
  • Third-party administrators 

Employers also must register with the clearinghouse and perform annual queries on current employees, and search the clearinghouse to see if a driver they are hiring has any drug or alcohol violations. The clearinghouse will contain violations that occur on or after the program’s start date. 

Drivers who complete the ITI Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse course will understand the purpose of the shared data, how they can access that data and petition the FMCSA to make corrections to the database, ITI said. The lesson also explains why it is important for drivers to know that the clearinghouse provides transparency to drivers, employers and state licensing agencies concerning past violations, and the completion of prescribed treatment plans to ensure they can drive safely and legally. ITI also can customize the lesson to include any additional disclosures required by a fleet.

Topics covered in the new ITI Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse lesson include:

  • What information will be in the clearinghouse
  • Who can enter information into the clearinghouse
  • Employer searches of the clearinghouse
  •  How do drivers get access to the clearinghouse
  • Notifying current employers of violations
  • State licensing agency access to the clearinghouse
  • What a driver does if they disagreewith information in the clearinghouse
  • How owner-operators use the new clearinghouse

The new Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse lesson from ITI uses its Mastery Learning strategy techniques with advanced graphics. The lesson can be taken from any connected device including iOS and Android for maximum convenience. As part of the PRO-TREAD family, the lesson can be assigned and tracked automatically for ease of record keeping and compliance. 

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