DriverFacts, Drug and Alcohol Manager now integrated with Psychemedics

April 11, 2018
DriverFacts, Drug and Alcohol Manager now integrated with Psychemedics

DriverFacts recently announced its integration with Psychemedics Corporation for hair testing as part of its Drug and Alcohol Manager. This integration will give DriverFacts’ Drug and Alcohol Manager users access to superior drug detection results for drug screens.

Once the hair sample is obtained by the trained collector, it is sent to Psychemedics for testing. The lab results are electronically transmitted to the DriverFacts Drug and Alcohol Manager so the medical review officer (MRO) can review and perform a final result. Then, the MRO sends the results to the designated employer representative (DER) who determines the drivers’ hiring eligibility based on the results.

The hair test results are also integrated into the DriverFacts “Safety Check” so that a driver will not be hired if there is a pending test in the pipeline or a previous positive test per company policy. 

Psychemedics has been proven to provide superior detection rates using the smallest hair samples required, reducing cosmetic concerns and cancelled tests. Psychemedics has a patented process that releases virtually 100 percent of the drugs from the hair, leading to the most accurate and reliable results possible. 

The company’s hair drug testing process is effective at removing external contaminants and eliminating the possibility of results altered by common adulterants. It also provides a look at the pattern and quantity of drug use history, which is why many companies see the value in adopting hair testing as part of its hiring process.

The Drug & Alcohol Assistant from DriverFacts is a customizable, user-friendly solution that vastly improves a process that is often cumbersome. The program features automatic random list generation, accurate MIS report processing, collection tracking and up-to-date documentation. It allows carriers to continue using their preferred collectors and testing sites, simplifies the process with built-in security, and saves carriers time by facilitating and speeding up the hiring process.

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