ELD Preparedness Survey infographic by Help Inc and PrePass

HELP Inc survey shows many fleets still not ready for ELD mandate

Dec. 13, 2017
HELP Inc survey shows many fleets still not ready for ELD mandate

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandate requiring that most commercial trucks use electronic logging devices (ELD) to record driver work time is less than a week away. Yet a new survey shows many truck drivers/owner-operators and fleets are not prepared.

According to an online poll conducted by HELP Inc, the provider of PrePass weigh station bypass and technology services, nearly half of the 1,620 respondents--or 49%--said they had yet to select an ELD ahead of the December 18 deadline. The survey was conducted between November 30 and December 5.

Only 33% of all respondents said they have selected and installed an ELD while 18% said they have made a selection but have yet to install them. The poll also revealed that some trucking professionals are more prepared than others. For example, more than half of the respondents identifying their position as fleet managers report having ELD devices installed and operational, compared to just under 28% of drivers/owner-operators saying the same thing.

Of those who have not installed an ELD, 68% do not plan to do so prior to the December 18 deadline. Twenty-six percent of these respondents gave as their reason the fact that they are not convinced the ELD mandate will actually take effect and 31% said they are not planning to install ELDs at all.

“It is surprising to see that such a large share of both owner-operators and drivers as well as fleet professionals see no need or rush to comply with the upcoming ELD mandate,” said HELP Inc Chief Executive Officer Karen Rasmussen. “Whether they are in favor of ELDs or not, there is every indication that the FMCSA intends to follow through with its plans to require the devices without delay.”

A perception that ELDs are expensive is one reason many drivers/owners-operators and fleet managers are not planning to install the devices. According to the poll, 20% of respondents said they had not selected an ELD due to what they believe are high costs.

“I believe there is a misconception among some fleets and owner-operators/drivers that ELDs are expensive and difficult to install, but that’s not the case,” said Rasmussen. “PrePass and a few other providers offer ELD solutions that literally take just a few seconds to install when paired up with a smartphone or tablet, and the apps cost no more than a dollar per day to use.”

HELP Inc recently introduced PrePass ELD, an easy-to-use and economical application to document truck driver work hours.

As an organization whose primary mission is safety, HELP Inc reminds carriers and drivers that federal law requires that all mobile devices being used in a moving vehicle must be mounted or docked to prevent hand-held use and potential driving distractions.