Teamsters outraged by NAFTA trucking deal

Jan. 13, 2015

Not surprisingly, the Teamsters did not react well to the Obama Administration’s decision to finally comply with the trucking requirements contained in the North American Free Trade Agreement. Here is how Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa responded to the Department of Transportation's announcement that it will open the border to trucks domiciled in Mexico this year:

"I am outraged that the Department of Transportation has chosen to ignore the findings of the DOT Inspector General and is moving forward with a plan to open the border to Mexican trucks in the coming months,” he said. "One thing was made clear in the IG's report – the pilot program was a failure. It did not provide enough data for the IG to determine with any confidence that the trucks participating in the program were representative of those that could be permitted in the future. Nor could the IG project the safety performance of Mexico-domiciled carriers based on the data collected from the pilot program.

"This policy change by the DOT flies in the face of common sense and ignores the statutory and regulatory requirements of a pilot program. Allowing untested, Mexican trucks to travel our highways is a mistake of the highest order and it's the driving public that will be put at risk by the DOT's rash decision."