Tank Container Depots, New Jersey to South Carolina

Use this directory to locate tank container depots in New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, . Listings include address, phone, fax, and services offered.

Find contact information for tank container depots. Refer to the Services Key to determine what each letter in the Services, Handling, and D/D chassis fields represent.

We encourage you to call the facility directly for the most up-to-date information about their capabilities, hours, and location.

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Avenel NJ

Dana Transport, 210 Essex Ave, Avenel NJ 07001

Phone: (800) 733-3262, Fax: 732-636-7441

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e, g, k, m; D/D chassis–50; Handling–TLSL


Keasbey NJ

Express Container Service, 155 Smith St, Keasbey NJ 08832

Phone: (732) 697-1400, Fax: 732-697-1401

Svcs–a, b, e


Linden NJ

Linden Bulk Transportation LLC, 4200 Tremley Point Rd, Linden NJ 07036

Phone: (908) 862-3883, ext 2240, Fax: 908-862-2458

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e, g, h, j, k, m; D/D chassis–180; Handling–9 TLSL


Newark NJ

B-Line Intermodal, 67 Esther St, Newark NJ 07105

Phone: (973) 589-7700, Fax: 973-589-5374

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e, g, h, k; D/D chassis–23; Handling–2 TLSL


Boasso America, 80 Doremus Ave, Newark NJ 07105

Phone: (973) 589-0905, Fax: 973-589-3043

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e, g, h, k, m; D/D chassis–75; Handling–2 TLSL


Just Tanx, 21 Hyatt Ave, Newark NJ 07105

Phone: (201) 991-8269, Fax: 201-991-1855

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e, g, m, flexi services; D/D chassis–45; Handling–1 TLSL, 1 reach loader


Paulsboro NJ

Dana Transport, 51 Crown Point Rd, Paulsboro NJ 08066

Phone: (856) 423-8100, Fax: 856-423-1215

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e, g, k, m; D/D chassis–10



Charlotte NC

Express Container Service, 1730 Tarheel Rd, Charlotte NC 28208

Phone: (704) 399-4218, Fax: 704-391-0120

Svcs–a, b, e


Greensboro NC

Express Container Service, 208 S Chimney Rock Rd, Greensboro NC 27409

Phone: (336) 292-7428, Fax: 336-292-7650

Svcs–a, b, e


Wilmington NC

Quala, US Hwy 421 & 120 Cowpen Landing Rd, Wilmington NC 28401

Phone: (910) 762-4556, Fax: 813-418-8923

Svcs–b, chassis parking



Cincinnati OH

Express Container Service, 10300 Evendale Dr, Cincinnati OH 45241

Phone: (513) 769-8265, Fax: 513-769-6501

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e, g; Handling–Heavy & light lift


Quala, 10671 Evandale Dr, Cincinnati OH 45241

Phone: (513) 554-1604, Fax: 513-554-1607

Svcs–a, b, e, m; Handling–TLSL, dedicated foodgrade cleaning bay


Columbus (Grove City) OH

Express Container Service, 1795 Feddern, Columbus (Grove City) OH 43123

Phone: (614) 317-7777

Svcs–a, b, e


Evendale OH

Liquid Transport Corp, 10711 Evendale Dr, Evendale OH 45241

Phone: (513) 769-4777, Fax: 513-554-6226

Svcs–a, c, d, g; D/D chassis–12; Handling–TLSL


Van Wert OH

Store & Haul Inc, 1165 Grill Rd, Van Wert OH 45891

Phone: (800) 246-7169, (419) 238-4284

[email protected]m


Svcs–a, b, c, d, e, f, k, m; D/D chassis–30; Handling–2 TLSL


Walbridge OH

MC Tank Transport, 6626 State Route 795, Walbridge OH 43465

Phone: (419) 662-1284; Fax: 419-662-1315

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e; Handling–1 TLSL



Troutdale OR

STS Intermodal LLC, 3601 NW Marine Dr, Troutdale OR 97060

Phone: (503) 542-0950, Fax: 503-542-0955

Svcs–a, c, d, g, k, m; D/D chassis–42; Handling–2 TLSL, D/D



Bensalem PA

MC Tank Transport, 1000 Imperial Ct, Bensalem PA 19020

Phone: (215) 244-8156; Fax: 215-244-8159

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e; Handling–1 TLSL


Pittsburgh PA

Express Container Service, 3505 Grand Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15225

Phone: (412) 771-9000, Fax: 412-771-9010

Svcs–a, b, e



Charleston SC

Boasso America, 2001 Sewanee Rd, Charleston SC  29405

Phone: (843) 534-2500, Fax: 843-534-2900

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e, g, h, k, m; D/D chassis–127; Handling–4 TLSL


Liquid Transport Corp, 7117 Cross Country Rd, Charleston SC  29418

Phone: (803) 552-1182, Fax: 803-552-1239

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e, g, k, m; D/D chassis–124; Handling–TLSL, D/D


Miller Transporters, Inc, 1997 Pittsburgh Ave, Charleston SC 29405

Phone: (803) 536-9077, Fax: 803-536-9088

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e, g, k, m; D/D chassis–24; Handling–1 TLSL


Quala, 2015 Tellico Rd, Charleston SC  29405

Phone: (843) 723-1287, Fax: 843-937-8616

Svcs–a, b, e, m; D/D chassis–6; Handling–TLSL


North Charleston SC

MC Tank Transport, 1924 Stromboli Ave, North Charleston SC 29405

Phone: (843) 202-2560; Fax: 843-529-1129

Svcs–a, b, c, d, e; Handling–1 TLSL