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Find contact information for bulk transload facilities in Iowa. Refer to the Services Key to determine what each letter in the Products, Services & Equipment, and Dry Product Transfer fields represent.

We encourage you to call the facility directly for the most up-to-date information about their capabilities, hours, and location.

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Clinton IA

Clausen Warehousing, 2100 S 21st, Clinton IA 52732

Phone: (563) 242-4994, (800) 397-4994, Fax: 563-244-7421

Rail–UP, 80 spots, foodgrade warehouse available; Products–e, f, g; Svcs/Eq–a, b, d, e, g; Dry Xfer– a, b, c

Des Moines IA

Luckey Logistics LLC, UP Shortline Yard, Des Moines IA 50315

Phone: (815) 672-2931, Fax: 815-672-2982

Rail–UP, 60 spots; Products–g; Svcs/Eq–b, d; Dry Xfer– a, c

Dubuque IA

Foodliner Inc/Quest Liner, 2099 Southpark Ct, Ste 3, Dubuque IA 52003

Phone: (800) 251-9569

Rail–BNSF/CN; Products–e, f, g; Dry Xfer– a, c

Manly IA

Manly Terminal LLC, 1575 380th St, Manly IA 50456

Phone: (800) 277-8217, Fax: 641-454-4001

Rail–Iowa Northern Railway, 300 spots; No outside carriers; Products–a, b ,c, h; Svcs/Eq–a, b, d, f, h, i; Dry Xfer– c

Mason City IA

Buesing Bulk Transport Inc, Mason City IA

Phone: (952) 473-1296, Fax: 952-473-8067

Rail–UP, ITRC, IC&E; Products–b, c, e, f, g; Svcs/Eq–a; Dry Xfer– a, c, e

Neola IA

Feedlot Service Company, 31363 Morton Ave, Neola IA 51559

Phone: (712) 579-8262

Rail–BN, UP; Products–a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h; Svcs/Eq–a, i; Dry Xfer– a, b, e

Newton IA

Luckey Logistics LLC, Newton Yard, Newton IA 50208

Phone: (815) 672-2931, Fax: 815-672-2982

Rail–Iowa Interstate, 30 spots; Products–g; Svcs/Eq–b; Dry Xfer– a, c

Ottumwa IA

Quest Liner/Foodliner Inc, 1302 N Wildwood Dr, Ottumwa IA 52501

Phone: (641) 682-8908, Fax: 641-682-4501

Rail–CP, 23 spots; No outside carriers; Products–a, b, c, f, g, h; Svcs/Eq–b; Dry Xfer– a, c, f

Waterloo IA

Quest Liner/Foodliner Inc, 1330 Sheffield Ave, Waterloo IA 50702

Phone: (563) 381-1051, Fax: 563-381-1092

Rail–Iowa Northern, 15 spots; Products–c, f, g; Svcs/Eq–b; Dry Xfer– a, c, f