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TransCore’s Canadian Freight Index continues rollercoaster ride

TransCoreLink Logistics’Canadian Freight Index slipped by 7% in June, continuing the up and down results for the first six months of the year, and was 21% lower than last year’s peak in June 2012.


Second quarter saw a slight gain of 6% over the first quarter of 2013. However, volume was down 17% compared to elevated second quarter results of 2012. The high point year-to-date was in May.


Equipment postings for June were again virtually flat from the previous month, similar to May’s results. However, month-over-month levels increased slightly by one percent and load postings came in at 12% above last year’s level for the same period.


The top five US states of origin for loads destined to Canada were: Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois and Texas.

The top five states of destination for loads originating in Canada were: New York, California, Pennsylvania, Texas and Michigan.


Cross-border loads destined for provinces within Canada were three percent higher than May and accounted for 74% of overall volume. Intra-Canada postings contributed to 21% of the total volume for June and were 3% below May levels.


Top regions for loads into Canada by region of destination were: Ontario, 56%; Western Canada, 21%; Quebec, 21%; and Atlantic, 2%.


Top regions for loads within Canada by region of origin were: Western Canada, 43%; Ontario, 30%; Quebec, 20%; and Atlantic, 7%.


Top regions for loads within Canada by region of destination were: Western Canada, 35%; Ontario, 40%; Quebec, 22%; and Atlantic, 3%.

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