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PeopleNet launches Precision Mobility Platform

 PeopleNet announced the evolution and launch of its Precision Mobility Platform that combines the latest in fleet mobility solutions with precision analytics that will enable fleets to optimize their resources for profitable growth. The announcement came during the company’s 11th annual user conference held in San Antonio TX August 19-22.

Giving nearly 1,000 attendees at PeopleNet’s 11th annual user conference a glimpse into the value of what PeopleNet will ultimately do for them, Chief Technology Officer Mark Botticelli said, “Our vision for the new standard in fleet mobility technology is an end-to-end, fully supported platform with complete ‘openicity’ for streamlined integration. There is virtually no limit on systems and applications that will work in tandem to extend the value of information from operational intelligence to predictive analytics that conveys insight for decision-making about the future. Imagine having answers to questions about the future at your fingertips—answers to questions like: when will an engine break down or an engine part go bad? How soon should a vehicle be serviced? What drivers are likely to pose safety threats? In other words, information that drives precise decision making in cab and back office.”

Much of the vision is in place today, according to McLaughlin, with the company evolving its PeopleNet Mobile software, high-powered, interconnecting in-cab hub, core back-end platform, and precision analytics engine to support the total vision. He explained how the company was preparing each component of the Precision Mobility Platform.

PeopleNet continues to expand the suite of many display types its PeopleNet Mobile software currently runs on, including fix-mounted, tablets, and handheld computers. The company’s high-powered in-cab hub that links the engine bus and in-cab display will support 4G wireless technology, including remote connectivity through a WiFi hotspot. Plus, it will be lighter and easier and faster to install.

The core back-office platform that today is driven by tri-mode (satellite, cellular, and WiFi), multi-carrier wireless communications and resides in a Tier III, fully redundant data center is advancing to an entirely new cloud-based, machine-to-machine (M2M) architecture. This will optimize scalability, uptime, expedite deployment of new solutions, and enhance cost-effectiveness. This web-based open framework allows other transportation management systems and applications to be easily and fully integrated across all of a fleet’s business processes.

Botticelli added, “The icing on the cake is PeopleNet’s Precision Analytics Engine, largely driven by VUSION and integrated with PeopleNet Mobile and the back-office platforms. Itwill providepredictive analytics about drivers and vehicles for making decisions about the future that optimize resources and drive profitable growth.”


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