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Cleaver-Brooks acquires 2 boiler sales, service companies

Cleaver-Brooks, a Harbour Group company, announced it acquired two Texas-based boiler sales and service companies: Holman Boiler Works, which operates 12 regional offices in six states, and Affiliated Power Services, with offices in Dallas, Houston, and Corpus Christi TX.

"These are two outstanding companies," said Jeff Fox, chairman and chief executive officer of Harbour Group. "The sales, service, rental, design, and fabrication they deliver leads the industry in their markets. The combination with Cleaver-Brooks, which provides the broadest and best performing energy-efficient, low-emission boiler room solutions in the industry, will further improve their already exceptional customer service."

Commenting on the acquisition, Cleaver-Brooks' President and CEO Welch Goggins said: "Holman is a leader in providing customer-focused solutions in the boiler sales and service industry throughout the Gulf Coast and the Midwest. The addition of Holman as well as APS, which has an outstanding reputation in the refining, petrochem, and commercial boiler industry throughout Texas, will enable Cleaver-Brooks to further strengthen our relationships with our customers and better understand and anticipate their needs. We look forward to supporting the management teams and employees from both of these fine organizations to ensure that they continue to excel in boiler room sales and service."

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