Scully Signal digging out but still open for business

March 3, 2015

The Scully Signal Company has been faced with the toughest weather conditions in years. After weeks of massive snowstorms, the factory and headquarters in Wilmington MA is buried in snow. 

Seven consecutive snowstorms dropped 95 inches of snow on the region--the second snowiest winter in history.   Combine that with many days of temperatures in the single digits, and it’s been a long winter and there are still weeks before it will be over.

“This winter is crazy,” says Stan Caron, CNC machine operator in the Scully factory. “My life consists of getting up early to shovel snow, going to work, getting home, shoveling more snow, and going to bed. We are all so done with all this snow, but spring is coming!”

Despite the tremendous obstacles, Caron and other Scully employees have braved the cold and mountains of snow to get to work every day and ship product to customers worldwide. In fact, the factory only shut down for one day in the face of the most dangerous blizzard.

“I’m so impressed that with all the distractions and interruptions, everyone is staying focused on building a quality product and meeting our customer’s needs” says Katrina Scully Ohl, Scully vice-president of product marketing & communications. “It hasn’t been easy, but we have worked overtime to ensure that we ship product on-time.”