PetroClear introduces non-slip fuel dispensing filters

Jan. 27, 2015

FRAM Filtration’s PetroClear brand of fuel-dispensing filters have introduced an new textured paint finish for its filters. The new non-slip coating enables users to obtain a tighter grip around PetroClear’s spin-on filters, resulting in faster and safer installation and replacement of their in-dispenser filters.

Filter exteriors that feature a standard glossy paint finish frequently become slick due to fuel residue and grime. These slippery conditions can cause users to drop the filter--particularly during filter changes, which can lead to fuel spills. The new textured paint non-slip coating helps to prevent filter mishaps.

Advantages of textured-paint filters:

• Significantly improves grip to neutralize slippery operating conditions

• Enables quicker installation and removal of filters

• Reduces the risk of dropping the filter and spilling fuel in the sump

• Compensates for hazardous conditions caused by especially “slick” fuels such as diesel and kerosene

• Makes hand-tightening of filters easier

• Enhances workplace safety by reducing the risk of fuel splashing or splattering

• Minimizes time needed to clean up spills

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