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Fuel Logic aiding hurricane recovery

Sept. 9, 2021
Dallas-based mobile services company helping ensure Louisiana residents hit by Ida have fuel for generators, other critical equipment

Dallas-based Fuel Logic is assisting in recovery efforts in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida delivered Category 4-force winds, storm surge, and torrential rain to the region.

With power knocked out to hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents and businesses, and fuel refineries and supplies inaccessible or compromised by flood waters, the need for fuel along Louisiana's coast is dire.

Further complicating matters are high temperatures in hurricane-damaged areas where power was projected to be out for weeks, making the effort to get fuel to tanks, generators, and other equipment critical and time sensitive.

“We’ve had people on the ground in Louisiana since before the storm hit,” said Eliot Vancil, president of Fuel Logic. “Our teams were stationed in Baton Rouge and other areas waiting to assist. Now we are focused on delivering all the fuel we can to anywhere, ranging from healthcare facilities, military bases, and electric companies, to rescue resources, data centers, businesses, and much more.”

The company said it is coordinating resources and implementing mobile fuel delivery solutions around the clock to assist cities, including New Orleans, Houma, Lafitte, LaPlace, and many more in Louisiana, as well as additional areas along the Mississippi and Alabama coasts.

“In challenging times like these, we believe it’s important for communities to rally together and support each other as best we can,” Vancil said. “Fuel Logic is committed to helping Hurricane Ida victims by supplying fuel any way we can get it there.”