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May 3, 2021
Watch the recap of this two-day event which highlights current and future commercial vehicle technologies that are impacting equipment and maximizing productivity. Hosted by Bulk Transporter and the Endeavor Commercial Vehicle Team.

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As part of our commitment to continue to serve valuable and pertinent information to the industry, our team  prepared an educational summit that will provide fleets an opportunity to learn more about how current and not-too-distant future technologies will impact their operations.

CV Tech allows fleets to connect to one another to share ideas, as well as reach out to presenters and industry experts participating in the event.

The primary technology trends we’ve monitored and continually report on typically fall into three key pillars: electrification, autonomous vehicles, and connectivity. The information covered during this two-day event, on May 12 and 13, takes a look at real-world commercial vehicle technology solutions, examine best practices and provide a forum for fleet executives to better understand the benefits and impact of these solutions.

Some focus areas include detailed information on the current state of commercial electric vehicle adoption within our industry, highlights on operational considerations for electric truck implementation, how data is being utilized to improve safety, expectations of remote diagnostics and the road to predictive maintenance models, and more.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Business Intelligence Report

One area unique to the Endeavor Commercial Vehicle Group is the coordination of a comprehensive business intelligence report on commercial electric vehicles (CEVs).

Our team will share key findings from the results of this report that takes a deep dive into the current use, anticipated industry adoption plans, and expectations for CEVs. This extensive report will provide an analysis that puts fleet acquisition intentions into perspective. We’ll also provide a roundup of current CEV manufacturer efforts from both well-established truck OEs and startups and share real-world insights from fleets who are currently running these vehicles in their fleets. Findings from this report will be presented during the CV Tech event.

Details on other sessions

Plus, we’ve coordinated panel discussions focused on how fleets are utilizing data – both to improve vehicle efficiency and driver safety, as well as to optimize vehicle uptime through remote diagnostics functionality and the next steps needed to achieve a predictive maintenance model.

Look out for one-on-one chats on focused subjects such as continued improvements to diesel engine efficiency, discussion on how the communication spectrum could impact autonomous vehicle technology, and more.

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Join us to connect with our team, peers, and industry experts as we bridge the gap and offer invaluable industry expertise to help continue to drive your business.

Registration is free for the Endeavor Commercial Vehicle Group audience, including FleetOwnerFleet MaintenanceTrailer/Body BuildersBulk Transporter, Refrigerated Transporter, and American Trucker.

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