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Bulk Transporter Webinar On Demand: Spec’ing the X12+Endurant HD powertrain in bulk haulers

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Live Date: Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 | 11AM ET/8AM PT

The X12 and Endurant HD powertrain from Cummins is fairly new to the bulk hauler world, and we know you have questions. In this webchat, you'll hear from two Cummins experts on what kind of trucks are likely to benefit from this engine and transmission pairing, what that benefit is, and what to consider before making a purchasing decision. They'll answer questions like, "How do I optimize fuel economy on flat stretches of road while still getting peak performance in the mountains?" and "What features are available with the X12+Endurant HD powertrain?" You won't want to miss it! -- Register below!

What you will learn: 

  • How to spec your truck so it can operate over varied terrain
  • Why to downspeed and the relationship between downspeeding and powertrain performance
  • The role powertrain features play in truck performance and efficiency


Adam Field, Heavy-Duty Assistant Product Manager, Cummins

Adam Field is the Heavy-Duty Assistant Product Manager for Cummins. In this role, Adam focuses on product life cycle and delivering new products to meet changing emission regulations. Adam’s nearly 6 years in the workforce have included experience in a multitude of Cummins’ various business units, but mostly working in Product Management with a focus on Medium-Duty engines before moving to Heavy-Duty.

Adam started at Cummins in 2015 in the Marketing and Sales Development Program. In this program, Adam spent two years working across four different business units and functions within Cummins. This allowed him to broaden his knowledge of the business and Cummins’ products, which made him want to focus on Product Management.

Adam earned his undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Kentucky in 2015.

Kris Ptasznik, Powertrain TCO & Consultancy Leader, Cummins

Kris Ptasznik is the Powertrain TCO & Consultancy Leader for Cummins. In this role, Kris works with customers and OEM partners in spec’ing integration and powertrain gearing. In his most recent role as Heavy-duty Product Manager, Kris managed Cummins’ heavy-duty products across their lifecycles and led marketing initiatives for new product introduction as well as existing product changes. Kris’ 13 years in the workforce have included experience in product management, field sales, and customer support.

Kris started at Cummins in 2008 as a Repair Logistic Support Engineer in Columbus, Indiana and managed the group when it transitioned to Nashville, Tennessee in 2010. After that, Kris became a Technical Support Manager for the Cummins Crosspoint territory in 2012 and later transitioned to National Accounts Technical support manager in 2014.  

Prior to Cummins, Kris earned his undergraduate degree in Automotive Technology Management from the University of Central Missouri in 2007.