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Beaumont TX Fire Chief Pete Shelton addressed emergency responders during an October 1993 TransCAER Whistlestop Tour

Beaumont TX Fire Chief Pete Shelton addressed emergency responders during an October 1993 TransCAER Whistlestop Tour.

TRANSCAER reaches 30-year milestone helping keep emergency responders, communities safe

This year marks the 30th anniversary of TRANSCAER (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response), a vital safety initiative that has provided countless first responders with invaluable training to help them respond to transportation incidents involving hazardous materials.

The safe transportation of hazardous materials is critical to our economy and everyday life, according to TRANCCAER officials. While most of these materials reach their destinations without incident, TRANSCAER is there to help communities with the training they need to effectively respond to an accident when it does occur. Last year alone, TRANSCAER helped more than 50,000 emergency responders throughout North America become better prepared to safely respond to an emergency.

National TRANSCAER Task Group Chairman Frank Reiner, president of the Chlorine Institute, explained: “TRANSCAER’s long-running success story is based on building partnerships that strengthen hazmat emergency preparedness at the community level. These include crucial partnerships between shippers and transportation carriers whose expertise forms the basis for TRANSCAER’s training and education, and the public-private partnerships between our industries, first responders and service organizations such as the National Volunteer Fire Council and the Firefighters Education and Training Foundation.”​

TRANSCAER was created in 1986 to help make sure emergency responders are equipped with the knowledge they need to provide a rapid and effective response to an incident. Working with its network of volunteers, TRANSCAER offers events across the United States and Canada that include training on actual rail and truck equipment, live release drills, and table-top exercises to discuss possible emergency situations. Having access to this type of training and expertise is incredibly important to communities, especially in small communities where resources can be limited.

“TRANSCAER offers hundreds of training events each year that are free and open to the emergency services community,” said Kevin D Quinn, chairman of the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC). “Being able to participate in specialized hazmat emergency response training through TRANSCAER is critical, particularly for the many volunteers who would not otherwise have access to that type of training. The NVFC congratulates TRANSCAER on their 30th anniversary.”

In honor of this important milestone, Congress just passed a resolution introduced by Senator Capito (R-WV) that recognized TRANSCAER’s long-standing commitment to keeping emergency responders and the communities they serve safe.

Tank truck carriers have been very active in the TransCAER training program.

The National TRANSCAER Task Group has designated May as “TRANSCAER Month” with over 50 events scheduled across the country, which should help make this year one of the most successful years in the program’s long and productive history. The training program will visit a variety of states, including: California, Illinois, Minnesota, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. You’ll find a complete list of upcoming events here.

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