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Tank Truck Rollovers: The Challenge Continues

Tank Truck Rollovers: The Challenge Continues

Tanker rollovers remain one of the top safety concerns for the tank truck industry. During an August 8 Bulk Transporter webinar an expert panel will discuss the latest steps being taken to address the tank truck rollover threat.

Join us for this important discussion on the continuing challenges posed by tank truck rollovers. US federal officials consider cargo tank rollovers to be the number one hazardous materials trucking issue. Media reports highlight four to five rollovers a day. Driver related factors play a role in three-quarters of all cargo tank truck rollovers.

Our expert panelists will review some of the latest surveys, studies, and government reports highlighting specific rollover issues. They will discuss what managers can do to address this issue across the tank truck sector. Topics include:

  • The driver role in tanker rollovers,
  • Which types of vehicles are having the most rollovers,
  • Locations across the United States where the risk of a tank truck rollover is highest,
  • Rollover-related driver training strategies and programs,
  • An update on government and industry efforts to combat rollovers.

Register for the webinar.

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