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SmartSight monitors unattended fuel sites

Petroleum marketers and oil distributors have a smarter solution for their unattended fueling locations, thanks to an enhanced cardlock system from Comdata.

The company now offers a web-enabled site controller known as SmartSight. Comdata’s SmartSight unit, developed in conjunction with eFueling, provides detailed, real-time insight into fuel site activity. High-speed Internet connectivity allows site managers to access fuel pump data on demand. The unit’s web portal component lets transactions and site status be monitored, as well as offering the option to receive email notifications of potential fraud and other issues.

SmartSight is one product in Comdata’s suite of Smart Solutions designed to streamline operations for merchants in the retail fuel market. Products included in this suite include point-of-sale devices, outside payment terminals, and cardless fueling technologies.

Comdata and SVS are wholly owned subsidiaries of Ceridian Corporation. Visit to learn more.

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