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ITT Bornemann launches twin screw pump for chemical sectors

ITT Bornemann, a leader in twin screw pumping technology, recently launched the SLW, a hermetically sealed pump providing customers with an environmentally friendly, competitively priced pump.

“Bornemann has led the development of twin screw pump technology since the 1930s and we are excited that our patent-pending SLW technology will enable customers to handle harmful substances without polluting the environment,” said Markus Schwarte, managing director of ITT Bornemann.

With the SLW pump, the 165-year-old Bornemann brand can provide an extensive twin screw industrial pump portfolio to customers in the chemical, oil & gas, tank storage, shipbuilding, power generation and general industrial markets.

Using magnetic coupling (MAG-Drive), the SLW pump eliminates the need for mechanical seals and complex seal supply systems.

This design brings various benefits to customers, including:

·         With the sealed chamber, critical media with harmful substances are confined to the pump and not released into the environment

·         The design allows the two screws to convey the product and transmit the torque

·         The single-volute design is also compact and requires a small footprint for installation

·         The product is lubricated with inboard bearings

·         The less-wear parts design leads to low-maintenance, resulting in high MTBF (mean time between failure) and lower life-cycle cost

The SLW Series pump is designed for various market applications in the chemical and petrochemical markets, including:

·         Various low- and high-viscosity products

·         Chemical and Petrochemical products

·         Lube oils, crude oils, light and heavy fuels

·         Heaviest refinery products

·         Non-Newtonian fluids

·         General clean and lubricating fluids in liquid phase


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