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Volvo Trucks now offers proprietary air disc brakes for its VN models in North America
<p>Volvo Trucks now offers proprietary air disc brakes for its VN models in North America. </p>

Disc brakes among latest Volvo VN safety enhancements

Volvo Trucks rolled out three product enhancements to its VN models in North America as a part of its commitment to continuously improve the value of ownership for customers.

New Volvo air disc brakes, SmartWay-compliant aerodynamic chassis fairings, and a mount for flat panel televisions were unveiled during the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

“With every new product enhancement, Volvo demonstrates to our customers that the investment they make in Volvo trucks will continue to pay dividends for their business,” said Frank Bio, Volvo Trucks product manager-trucks. “We are confident that these enhancements will make our trucks safer, more fuel efficient and comfortable, better meeting the needs of our customers.”

He pointed to Volvo air disc brakes as one way the truck manufacturer is helping customers increase highway safety. Building on Volvo’s reputation as the industry leader in developing technologies to improve safety, the company’s new air disc brakes reduce stopping distances from 355 to 250 feet.

The air disc brakes also create smoother stops and reduced brake fading, providing a more comfortable ride and better value for customers. Longer brake pad life is another benefit, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Volvo air disc brakes initially will be available on all VN model steer axles in August 2013, expanding to include all axles in 2014.

New chassis fairings for Volvo VNM models increase fuel efficiency and are now SmartWay certifiable. The aerodynamic fairings optimize air flow around the cab and chassis, significantly improving fuel efficiency by reducing drag. The VNM chassis fairings are completely removable for ease of maintenance.

Driver comfort directly impacts driver productivity. In an effort to increase comfort, Volvo designed a TV mount available in VNL sleeper tractors. The mount accommodates a 19-inch LCD television on the Volvo VNL 630 and 670 models and a 22- inch LCD television on the 730 and 780 models.

The new mounts make it possible for the television to be visible from both the upper and lower bunks without sacrificing storage space. The television mount will be available November 2013.


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