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E-Smart intros active seat belt safety system

June 6, 2024
New E-Smart Seat Belt, available in Q3, monitors drivers’ seat belt usage, limits vehicle speeds when seat belts are not in use

E-Smart, a dynamic speed management provider, recently introduced the customizable E-Smart Seat Belt, which detects if the driver is not wearing the seat belt and limits (or slows the vehicle) to a predetermined speed.

The E-Smart Seat Belt will be available in the third quarter, E-Smart reported.

“We saw the statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that 69.3% of the drivers who died in crashes in 2022 were not wearing seat belts as heartbreaking,” Joe Thell, E-Smart senior vice president, said in a news release. “When asked by fleets to help solve this problem, we knew that our technology could make a difference in having drivers wear their seat belts.

“With E-Smart Seat Belt, we can detect and monitor seat belt use under different conditions. The fleet can then provide the operational rules of what happens under each condition.”

The E-Smart Seat Belt addresses seat belt non-compliance in a variety of circumstances:

  • General driving: When a driver is not wearing a seat belt the vehicle will not go above a nominal, set speed. These instances are also captured in an event report.
  • Inside speed-controlled geofenced zones: Fleets can create custom parameters for zones (i.e. limiting speed). Reporting is also available for events in geofenced zones.
  • Other situations: Seat belt malfunctions or removal while the vehicle is in motion also are part of the comprehensive and flexible solution.

“Announcing E-Smart Seat Belt as the summer traffic season begins and national safety initiatives such as the ‘Click It or Ticket’ high-visibility enforcement campaign have just concluded is timely,” Thell added. “We are pleased to do anything we can to help raise awareness and reduce injuries and fatalities that could be avoided by simply buckling a seat belt.”

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