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Lytx identifies safety risks in new report

May 30, 2024
Video telematics provider’s 2024 State of the Data report highlights the top 10 riskiest driving behaviors, top five riskiest areas to drive, and the times when driving is riskiest

Video safety and telematics provider Lytx recently released its 2024 State of the Data report, which uses data from 40 billion miles traveled in 2023 to identify risks and roadway behaviors fleets should be aware of to ensure the safety of their drivers and the motoring public. 

A record 3.26 trillion miles were traveled on U.S. roadways in 2023, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Capturing 140 million driving behaviors, 29 million risky events, and enabling the coaching of 24 million events through its platform in 2023, Lytx found that more miles driven equate to higher safety risks. From 2022 to 2023, driving risk increased by almost 10% while collisions increased by 3%. 

“Road travel surged to record highs in 2023, and with more vehicles come more risks, as well as increased logistical complexity,” Lytx Chairman and CEO Brandon Nixon, said. “It’s crystal clear that the need for safety and efficiency amid increasingly congested roadways has never been stronger.” 

The Lytx safety report identified three factors contributing to risky or unsafe driving, among others; those three include risky driving behaviors, the top five riskiest areas to travel, and the riskiest times to be on the road. 

10 risky driving behaviors 

Compared to 2022, Lytx’s top five risky driving behavior risks saw movement. While the top risk—a following distance of greater than or equal to one second to less than 2 seconds—and the fourth risk—posted speed violations—remained the same, there were changes to the second, third, and fifth riskiest driving behaviors.

The use of handheld devices rose one spot from third in 2022 to second in 2023. Down from the second highest risk in 2022 to the third highest risk in 2023 was not wearing a seat belt. The most significant change to the top five riskiest driving behaviors from 2022 to 2023 was a following distance of less than one second, which rose from number 10 in 2022.

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