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Blackline Safety introduces G7 EXO area atmosphere monitor

Sept. 13, 2019
Blackline Safety says it is making its G7 EXO area monitor available to businesses around the world ahead of regular shipments.

Blackline Safety says it is making its G7 EXO area monitor available to businesses around the world ahead of regular shipments, which it expects to begin early next year, through an early access program.

The manufacturer of connected safety monitoring equipment, including gas detectors, says the new monitors offer better battery life, configurability and connectivity than conventional portable monitors used to keep an eye out for atmospheric hazards around tank farms during facility maintenance and spill containment.

“Blackline worked closely with key customers to define the expectations for our new G7 EXO area monitor family,” said Sean Stinson, vice president of sales and product management. “As we prepare for shipments in early 2020, our G7 EXO early access program enables businesses to be the first to experience the latest direct-to-cloud area monitoring technology prior to launch.

“To support customers’ procurement planning, G7 EXO early access delivers the critical hands-on evaluation with one-on-one support directly from our product development team.”

Blackline planned to introduce the program at the 2019 National Safety Council Congress & Expo.

According to the company, G7 EXO specifications include:

  • Drop-and-go area monitoring with 3G/4G LTE cellular and optional Iridium satellite connectivity
  • The industry’s longest runtime with over 100 days of battery life
  • 10-second gas readings that are supported by Blackline Analytics cloud-based software
  • Automatic configuration from the Blackline Safety Cloud
  • Intelligent zones that notify workers in the area of gas-based hazards
  • The same, broad lineup of G7 plug-and-play gas sensor cartridges as G7 wearables
  • Diffusion operation with the option of a four-channel pump to remotely sample air from confined spaces
  • Optional 24/7 live monitoring by Blackline’s in-house Safety Operations Center

G7 EXO works alongside employees equipped with G7 wearable monitors. Both systems continuously stream location and gas reading data to the Blackline Safety Cloud, providing a full situational overview of a business’ workforce and facility, or disaster response location, Blackline said. With integrated connectivity, a live team stands by, ready to respond to an emergency or evacuate teams from dangers that can be seen and those that are hidden from view.

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