Double Coin, CMA notify NHTSA of non-compliant markings on certain Double Coin TBR tires

Oct. 1, 2014

Double Coin and CMA formally notified the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) of non-compliant sidewall markings on certain Double Coin branded TBR tires produced by Double Coin Holdings LLC.

 After a full audit in June 2014, CMA notified NHTSA that certain Double Coin tires omitted the load range symbol. As confirmed by NHTSA testing, this non-compliance does not pose any safety or performance issues. Furthermore, all Double Coin tires meet FMVSS119 performance and endurance requirements. In addition, all Double Coin tires’ sidewall markings include redundant markings that correspond to Load Range Capacities including Load Index for both single and dual placement, ply rating, and Maximum Load Rating with Corresponding Inflation Pressure (single and dual load).

 The Double Coin tires in question were manufactured with DOT dates of 2611 to 2514 and total approximately 1,753,000 units. In addition, many of the Double Coin tires in the market today do comply with sidewall marking requirements. There have been no field complaints or adjustments with regard to the non-compliant sidewall markings. At this point, no further action is required until NHTSA rules on the petition.