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J&M, Lutzie 43 partner to promote safe driving

April 11, 2022
Dry bulk hauler participates in foundation’s first Safe Driving Summit in Georgia, pledges to take 43 seconds to prioritize safety behind the wheel

J&M Tank Lines recently partnered with the Lutzie 43 Foundation to help end distracted and impaired driving. The Birmingham, Ala.-based dry bulk hauler and the Georgia Department of Transportation also participated in the foundation’s first Safe Driving Summit, held March 31 in Carrollton, Ga., to help kick off Aprils Distracted Driving Month.

“Our nation’s professional drivers set a premium example for safe driving and know first-hand the impact distracted or impaired driving has on the road,” J&M said in a Facebook post. “As partners, J&M’s drivers will serve as safe driving ambassadors, through the example they set through the 43 Key Seconds initiative.

“This initiative serves as a checklist for all motorists before they begin operating a motor vehicle of any kind. Ensuring a clear head, clear hands, clear eyes, and clicking your seatbelt.”

Lutzie 43 was founded in honor of former Auburn football player Philip Lutzenkirchen, who tragically lost his life in a drunken driving accident in June 2014. The foundation’s objective is to inspire people to make better decisions as drivers and friends, using Lutzenkirchen’s life and legacy as powerful motivators.

To help encourage safer driving choices, Lutzie 43 partners with companies and schools, and hosts events, and executive director Mike Lutzenkirchen, Phillp’s dad, travels around the country delivering the foundation’s message. As part of that effort, Mike spoke at J&M’s annual managers meeting in January.

“To me, it is very important to partner with an organization focused on driver safety that is not only credible but willing to work with others toward a common goal—safer roads,” J&M CEO and ATA chairman Harold Sumerford Jr., said in a March interview with the foundation. “I find Mike and the Lutzie 43 Foundation to be both.

“Mike spoke at our annual managers meeting. It was received well and made a lasting impression. I recommend the foundation connect with state trucking associations across the U.S. to schedule speaking engagements at their own annual meetings.

“Mike’s talks and the 43 Key Seconds mission will have even more of an impact the further [the foundation’s] reach becomes.”

The 43 Key Seconds initiative was started with the goal of creating a nationally recognized symbol for distracted and impaired driving. The foundation accomplishes this with the 43 Key Seconds key, which serves as a physical reminder for drivers to take 43 seconds to prioritize safety before getting behind the wheel.

J&M, which recently won an Alabama Trucking Association award, purchased co-branded keys for its employees as part of its partnership with Lutzie 43, which also offers a 43 Key Seconds Pledge and educational curriculum.

“Having a symbol to remind drivers to practice safe driving is invaluable,” Sumerford said. “I think the keys and the vehicle decals are a great start. It is also important to make sure the drivers do not become desensitized to them.”