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Luma launches small carrier driver training

March 17, 2022
Luma Emerge supports small carriers with fewer than 100 drivers by delivering content from the company’s eNugget learning library, which contains critical training topics that promote safety.

Luma’s newest product, Luma Emerge, supports fleets with fewer than 100 drivers by offering a monthly subscription to a selection of content from Luma’s eNugget learning library. The Luma Emerge topics include critical driver training for a smaller fleet’s safety program.

Luma’s mixed-medium eNuggets—focused, microlearning lessons—are grounded in learning science, according to the company. Luma’s research in the transportation industry supports cognitive learning science strategies that take a less-is-more approach that the company said helps drivers and others better retain concepts. 

Users have unlimited access to the core curriculum library and have access to reporting, which includes completion records, certificates, and time reports.

Luma Emerge eNuggets programs

Luma Emerge is a collection of eNuggets that cover core safety topics deemed by industry experts as most important for drivers’ safety. 

The "leadership keys" is a behavior-based safety program that focuses on improving the behaviors of drivers by reflecting on how their own behaviors impact safety outcomes. This program was written by subject matter expert Brian Fielkow, a speaker, author, and mentor who has presented internationally to thousands of people on building vibrant company and safety cultures. He was recognized by the National Safety Council as the 2022 CEO Who “Gets It.”

"Being Prepared for Safety in All Seasons" is another Luma safety program that focuses on weather topics, written by a chief meteorologist.

Many learners need to be exposed to a topic seven to nine times, on average, before the information is assimilated into memory. That’s why eNuggets—interactive, game-based micro lessons—can be repeated throughout the year for extra exposure.


  • Assignments: Use the preset monthly schedule, or create on-demand, individual assignments as needed.
  • Reporting: Access on-demand completion records, certificates, and time reports.
  • Learning certificates: Document learning completion.
  • Messages: Communicate with drivers via text or email.

Luma Emerge features more than 150 core safety topics, including:

  • G.O.A.L: Get Out And Look
  • Hazmat Training
  • Understanding Hours of Service
  • Preventing Sideswipes
  • Driving Fatigue Prevention
  • Navigating Railroad Crossings
  • Defensive Driving Best Practices
  • The Leadership Keys: Self-Induced Pressure
  • Rail Crossing Safety
  • Effective Daily Vehicle Inspections
  • Managing Distractions: How a Short Text Can Kill
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