When You Drive Distracted, We Are All Impacted! Infographic

NTTC updates Zero Distractions campaign with ‘Pledge Partners’

Sept. 30, 2021
Association now asks companies, rather than individual drivers, to support distraction-free efforts, with K-Limited, J&M, Florida Rock & Tank first on board

National Tank Truck Carriers is updating the partner structure of its Zero Distractions campaign, a public safety initiative intended to promote safe and aware driving. Three NTTC member companies already have pledged their support for the new initiative, with many more soon to follow, the association said.

Zero Distractions now has been restructured to take pledges from companies, referred to as Pledge Partners, rather than individual drivers. Zero Distractions will provide tools and resources for Pledge Partners for effective and direct outreach to their drivers through ambassadors. These Pledge Partners are recognized on the web page for their commitment to safe driving practices within their company culture.

The first three Pledge Partners are K-Limited Carrier, J&M Tank Lines, and Florida Rock & Tank Lines.

“Driving while distracted is careless and reckless,” said Candi Coate, vice president of safety and regulatory compliance at K-Limited. “Our goal as we continue to grow the Zero Distractions campaign is to continue to build awareness by educating all drivers through our ambassador program on focused, distraction-free driving and ultimately reduce the tragedies that are happening on the roadways every single day.”

Zero Distractions was founded in 2018 through the dedication of Todd Stine, NTTC’s 2016-2017 Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year, along with NTTC staff and the association’s Safety & Security Council. The initial goal was to build awareness for distracted driving while changing driver and passenger behavior through pledges to have zero distractions while driving.

“Zero Distractions is more than an effort to change driver behavior behind the wheel, it is an effort to change society’s view on the dangers of driving distracted, whatever form that may be,” said Dave Edmondson, vice president of safety and compliance at J&M.

Participation in the Zero Distractions campaign is not limited to NTTC members. Additional information on Zero Distractions can be found on the NTTC website, tanktruck.org.