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Zonar: EVIR can help fleets verify safety inspections

July 13, 2021
Zonar says its reporting can help prevent risky driving and ensure vehicle checks are up to code with pre- and post-trip inspections

Zonar Systems has been developing its EVIR (Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting) in an effort to support safe fleet operations and help fleets comply with various federal regulations.

According to the company, unlike a traditional DVIR (driver vehicle inspection report), or electronic DVIRs, where drivers perform inspections, capture information, and upload results, EVIR’s processes are verifiable, meaning drivers can’t complete the inspection without going to an inspection zone and scanning an RFID or NFC tag to verify that they have accurately inspected the area. Additionally, when done electronically, forms aren’t lost, damaged or part of a lengthy paper trail, Zonar noted.

And with Operation Safe Driver Week in progress through July 17, Zonar stated that its EVIR can help prevent risky driving and ensure vehicle checks are up to code with pre- and post-trip inspections. During this year’s blitz, enforcement officers will focus on speeding, with a secondary focus on unsafe driving behaviors. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the estimated rate of death on roads during 2020 increased 24%, despite miles driven dropping 13%. In addition, commercial drivers are under more pressure for on-time deliveries with the increased demand on freight and the supply chain disruption.

To help curb behaviors, such as speeding, following too closely, or failing to obey traffic control devices, law enforcement will be on high alert during Operation Safe Driver Week for passenger vehicles and commercial fleets engaging in risky driving.

Soon after, Brake Safety Week, which will be held Aug. 22-28, puts a focus on break-system violations in the commercial motor vehicle sector. Violations due to faulty brakes make up the most out-of-service violations during roadside inspections. According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), brakes that are not installed correctly or that are poorly maintained reduce braking capacity and stop distance of trucks and buses, both of which can cause serious risks to all drivers on the road.

“EVIR can help with inspections ahead of time and enable all systems, particularly brakes, to work smoothly,” Zonar noted. “Because inspections during Brake Safety Week can happen at any time, EVIR ensures that the vehicles are never caught off guard and are always up to date on inspections to ensure preparedness whenever these inspections occur.”

EVIR Mobile

In its latest evolution, Zonar said it revolutionized this technology further by making features available via mobile application. According to the company, EVIR Mobile helps drivers better perform inspections, and outcomes are instantly collected, stored, and integrated into the maintenance software. EVIR Mobile continues to add new features, including a patent-pending “Asset Map View,” which provides drivers and operators an aerial view of their vehicle type, tag placements, and status of the inspected zones. According to the company, it also ensures that vehicles are correctly identified through Zonar asset tags, which are associated with a specific vehicle to ensure that the correct information is uploaded.

Zonar tags aim to help save fleets time and resources, helping prevent searching for vehicle information, backtracking when a vehicle is misidentified, and filling out and filing administrative paperwork, the company noted.

And because not all fleets can use tags, specifically those in the intermodal market, which use leased or rented equipment or switch trailers often, EVIR offers both tagged and tagless inspections. Drivers can use the EVIR tagless inspection option in the app to inspect rental assets and upload the results using the same process as tagged assets. The tagless process captures the same process, app, secure online portal and electronically verified inspection results as tagged inspections.

EVIR Mobile also allows drivers to receive alerts when repairs are done. Drivers also have access to and can review the vehicle’s current and past history of inspections and EVIR reports. If an inspection reveals serious defects, fleet managers are alerted and can make a plan for resolving the issue, the company noted. 

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