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New ITI material helps truckers navigate protests, unrest

Jan. 21, 2021
Aggravated pedestrians and protest management added to defensive driving course for local delivery, OTR drivers

Instructional Technologies (ITI) recently added training to deal with demonstrations and protests that block roads for drivers of heavy-duty trucks, delivery trucks and other commercial vehicles.

“The last year has brought an increase in demonstrations and protests along with more incidents of aggravated pedestrians and roadblocks,” said Nathan Stahlman, CEO of ITI. “Our clients have asked for advice and training to keep their drivers safe when surrounded by protesters. We've long had training in dealing with aggressive behavior and road rage. This was a natural if unfortunate extension to that course.

“Defensive driving means being safe in spite of the conditions and actions around you. This important addition lets drivers know their vehicles and loads are not worth more than their lives. It provides ways they can react calmly to unforeseen events so everyone stays safe.”

The focus of the new material is to advise drivers how to avoid protest and demonstration sites or stay safe if that is unavoidable. By listening to news reports and monitoring social media, for example, drivers and their managers can look for alternate routes. If aggressive pedestrians are blocking the road, the course advises drivers to:

  • Avoid provoking or engaging with protesters
  • Set the parking brakes
  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Remain in the vehicle if safe to do so, but never if you feel at risk
  • Call law enforcement
  • Use a mobile phone or dash cam to record the event

The course also addresses other forms of aggressive driving (or road rage) that professional drivers may encounter.

ITI offers defensive driving courses in its PRO-TREAD and ClearDrive libraries for drivers of heavy-duty, and box trucks and delivery vans.

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