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Southern Tank Transport improving safety with SmartDrive system

Sept. 24, 2020
Bulk transportation fleet reporting 77% reduction in incidents within six months of deploying video-based safety program

Southern Tank Transport, a bulk transportation fleet with headquarters in Holly Hill SC, reports achieving “significant” safety improvements, including multiple driver exonerations and a 77% reduction in incidents, within six months of deploying SmartDrive’s video-based safety program.

“As the first company to haul bulk loads of gasoline and cement in South Carolina, safety has always been a top priority for us,” stated Trey Sires, manager of safety and risk, Southern Tank Transport. “We strive to stay in the 90th percentile rating of our insurance captive, and SmartDrive helps guarantee we do.”

A major carrier for Lhoist, LaFarge Holcim and Argos, among other top bulk commodity companies, Southern Tank was established in 1934. According to SmartDrive, the fleet’s decision to deploy video-based safety across its 250 trucks was rooted in its aim to do everything possible to maintain its “impressive” safety record.

“Although we’re a safe company, liability is a big issue,” Sires said. “Our drivers were involved in accidents I knew were not their fault. I needed a way to prove their innocence and SmartDrive does that. Also, with the SmartDrive managed service and easy coaching workflow, we have been able to utilize videos as teaching tools to further situational awareness and accident avoidance techniques.  We have seen a significant reduction in collision frequency, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars saved.

“Given this direct impact to our bottom line, we realize that installing this video safety program is having an immediate positive effect that will continue into the future.”

Southern Tank is a partner in the Raffles Insurance captive, actively participating in collaborative initiatives designed to help member companies and the group as a whole improve risk profiles. In alignment with Raffles’ partnership criteria, Southern Tank’s management is committed to safety, and the company’s loss experience is equal to or better than the industry average.

When considering its safety technology options, the Southern Tank team researched a number of video safety programs.

“When reviewing other programs, it became immediately evident that SmartDrive was superior,” Sires attested. “SmartDrive is less complicated than other options, offers reporting and results that are easier to understand, and we have received exceptional service and support.”

Steve Mitgang, SmartDrive’s CEO, said the speed at which Southern Tank achieved improvements in collision frequency exemplifies the results seen from other bulk fleets who’ve adopted the SmartDrive program.

“Trey and his team have experienced first-hand the cost savings associated with a comprehensive, proactive approach to safety,” Mitgang said. “We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Southern Tank and look forward to helping the company sustain its notable safety profile.”

In addition to reducing fleet risk, benefits of the SmartDrive program have extended to include customer service enhancements at Southern Tank. With video capture on demand, drivers can initiate recording as needed to document circumstances surrounding delivery and pickup.

“Customers are always concerned about potential delays in their deliveries, and with SmartDrive, our drivers can visually record circumstances and vehicles ahead of them loading materials,” Sires concluded. “This video evidence helps with customer service by informing our customers of what’s causing any delay.

“For anyone considering a video safety program, SmartDrive will help you improve fleet safety, protect your drivers’ CDLs from unwarranted violations, retain customers and positively impact your bottom line.”