Safe Fleet Rvs In View 360

RVS reveals inView 360° safety

June 25, 2020
Safe Fleet brand’s new HD Around Vehicle Monitoring System for CV market reduces blind spots with real-time view

Rear View Safety (RVS), a Safe Fleet brand, recently introduced the inView 360° HD Around Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) System for the commercial vehicle market.

The inView 360° HD is designed to reduce blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360° bird’s-eye view around the vehicle. The system is equipped with four full HD ultra-wide cameras and two spare video/camera channels. 

The inView 360° HD is Safe Fleet’s newest addition to its CXS Solutions line of CV safety technology. The CXS Solution builder takes guesswork and complexity out of vehicle technology shopping, helping fleet owners select the right safety system for any commercial vehicle or application, the company said.

The inView 360° HD system features a built-in DVR with a 1 TB solid-state storage capacity. Its 1080P video footage provides live-recorded video evidence of incidents (ideal for court or insurance purposes) and helps minimize fraudulent claims against operators. A complete HD system, the CXS-01-360 easily integrates into a full HD monitor. 

“The real beauty of the inView 360 HD is the compact full HD ultra-wide cameras,” said Alex Trkulja, CXS sales director. “Small but mighty, the cameras create four unique views that stitch together a real-time 360° view around the vehicle and all surroundings.

“This 360° view, combined with a single image view based on automatic triggers, helps with parking, blind spots and navigating cramped roads. The simple calibration and innovative interface are great additions as well.”

A customizable on-screen overlay allows the user to adjust overlay width, length and position to fit their specific need. This can save time when deploying outriggers, water dumps, tool boards or filling water tank vehicles, Safe Fleet maintained. The monitor automatically shuts off based on pre-determined vehicle speed to help minimize operator distraction. The CXS-01-360 also features a built-in G-Sensor, and an external GPS receiver.

Visit rearviewsafety.com/inview-360-hd-around-vehicle-monitoring-system-rvs-01-360.html to learn more.