Gross Revenue Reports Archive

Research annual revenue for top bulk fleets in this compilation of reports dating back to 2000.

Tank Truck Carrier Annual Gross Revenue Reports Archive

For many years, Bulk Transporter published its Annual Gross Revenue Report—the only compilation of revenue figures focusing on tank truck carriers. The data was collected exclusively by the editors at Bulk Transporter through direct contact with these fleets. Tables compare the revenue of the most recent full-year figures with the year prior to that. (For instance, the May 2005 issue will present total revenues for 2004 and 2003.) These tables also include the operating ratio of each fleet and the fleets are ranked by total revenue from highest to lowest.

In addition, each report included in-depth analysis of these figures and what they meant in relation to the industry as a whole—including median carrier revenue, average revenue per tractor, and combined "Top 10" revenue totals as compared to the prior year. This valuable information is used by shippers, carriers, and others interested in the tank truck industry.

We've compiled an archive dating back to the May 2001 report. To download a PDF of each article (with tables), click on the links below. Or to read just the analysis online, click on the headline for each article.

2018/2019 figures (PDF from May 2020)

Fleets ride high during the last year of longest sustained economic expansion in US history (link to article)

2018/2017 figures (PDF from May 2019)

Tank fleets soar with 2018 economy (link to article)

2017/2016 figures (PDF from May 2018)

Improving US economy lifts tank truck carrier revenues (link to article)

2016/2015 figures (PDF from May 2017)

Tank truck fleets struggle with sluggish economy (link to the article)

2015/2014 figures (PDF from May 2016)

Low oil prices contribute to drop in tank fleet revenues (link to the article)

2014/2013 figures (PDF from May 2015)

Tank fleets continue to run strong 2014, tractor productivity up (link to the article)

2013/2012 figures (PDF from May 2014)

Good times continue for tank fleets in 2013 (link to the article)

2012/2011 figures (PDF from May 2013)

Tank fleets continue to shine during 2012 (link to the article)

2011/2010 figures (PDF from May 2012)

Tank fleets in full economic recovery during 2011 (link to the article)

2010/2009 figures (PDF from May 2011)

Tank fleet revenues bounce back from the recession (link to the article)

2009/2008 figures (PDF from May 2010)

Tank fleet revenues sag during one of worst recessions (link to the article)

2008/2007 figures (PDF from May 2009)

Tank fleet revenues up despite slow economy (link to the article)

2007/2006 figures (PDF from May 2008)

Tank fleet profits continue slide (link to the article)

2006/2005 figures (PDF from May 2007)

Tank fleets struggle for profitability (link to the article)

2005/2004 figures (PDF from May 2006)

Fleet revenues rise; ratios worsen (link to the article)

2004/2003 figures (PDF from May 2005)

Tank fleets see a dramatic rebound (link to the article)

2003/2002 figures (PDF from May 2004)

Operating ratios deteriorate further (link to the article)

2002/2001 figures (from May 2003)

Special Report: Two lousy years in a row (link to the article)

2001/2000 figures (from May 2002)

2000/1999 figures (from May 2001)

Tank fleets struggle to survive as economy teeters on recession (link to the article)