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Ryder updates alternative fuels website with new tools, training

An enhanced alternative fuels web site was launched for truck fleets by Ryder System Inc, a leader in commercial transportation and supply chain management solutions. The new web site ( makes available new tools and video training to customers and fleet owners who want to take advantage of the cost-saving and sustainable benefits of utilizing commercial natural gas vehicles.

The enhancements include an interactive Fuel Cost Savings Calculator that allows customers to compare fuel costs between diesel- and natural gas-powered commercial vehicles based on their business’ driving habits in real time. To help customers locate the closest refueling and maintenance locations, a searchable Refueling and Maintenance Station Locator function has also been added, along with new Instructional Training Videos for natural gas fueling.

Site visitors can use the Fuel Cost Savings Calculator to calculate their potential savings when using a heavy-duty natural gas-powered vehicle versus a traditional diesel-powered vehicle. Fleet managers simply select a few basic metrics--current miles per gallon, local price of diesel and natural gas, and average miles driven per year--and then can instantly see their estimated annual fuel cost savings.

The Refueling and Maintenance Station Locator application enables fleet managers to search for their nearest natural gas fueling station. By entering a city or zip code, businesses can find information about nearby facilities for natural gas fueling and maintenance, including address and directions, available fuel type (compressed natural gas-CNG or liquefied natural gas-LNG), fuel pressure, tractor/trailer accessibility, hours of service, and payment options. In addition, the tool offers satellite imagery of facilities, where available, to make it easier for businesses to find these sometimes hard-to-identify locations.

For drivers who are new to natural gas vehicle technology, Ryder is now providing two training videos on the enhanced site that provide step-by-step instructions for how to safely refuel a CNG- or LNG-powered truck.

Ryder originally launched its alternative fuels microsite in 2011 to help customers and fleet owners better understand how they can reduce transportation costs, while meeting sustainability objectives. In addition to the new tools on the site, businesses can get all the information they need about the financial, environmental, and long-term advantages of natural gas, hybrid, and electric vehicle technologies. By visiting, businesses can easily get started and begin evaluating Ryder’s offerings and initiate contact with a Ryder alternative fuels expert.

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